7. Grammar - Answer Key

Part 1.

1. She usually works in the Sales Department in London, but at the moment she is doing a training course in Bristol. 
2. Linda washes her hair every day.
3. He tries very hard in every game that he plays.
4. Excuse me. I think that you are sitting in my seat.
5. Do you listen to the radio very often?
6. Don’t talk to me now. I am writing an important letter. 
7. Why do they drive on the left in Britain?
8. It doesn’t get dark at this time of year until about 10 o’clock.
9. It usually rains here a lot, but it is not raining now. 
10.   A : What are you doing?
        B : I am baking a cake. Why are you smiling ? Am I doing something wrong? 

1. Dia biasanya bekerja di Departemen Penjualan di London, tetapi saat ini dia sedang mengikuti kursus pelatihan di Bristol.
2. Linda mencuci rambutnya setiap hari.
3. Dia berusaha sangat keras di setiap pertandingan yang dia mainkan.
4. Permisi. Saya pikir Anda sedang duduk di kursi saya.
5. Apakah Anda sering mendengarkan radio?
6. Jangan bicara padaku sekarang. Saya sedang menulis surat penting.
7. Mengapa mereka mengemudi di sebelah kiri di Inggris?
8. Tidak akan gelap pada saat ini tahun sampai sekitar jam 10.
9. Biasanya di sini hujan deras, tapi sekarang tidak hujan.
10. A: Apa yang kamu lakukan?
     B: Saya sedang membuat kue. Mengapa Anda tersenyum? Apakah saya melakukan sesuatu yang salah?

Part 2.

Dear David,

I live YES in a large apartment in Rome. I’m having have two sisters. They are called Rosa and Maria. We are getting up get up at seven o'clock every morning, and we have YES coffee and a small breakfast. I leave YES the apartment at eight and walk to the university. I am finished finish classes at five every day, and I arrive YES home at six. This month I work am working very hard for my first exam. 

        At the moment, I eat am eating breakfast in the kitchen of our apartment: my mother drinks is drinking coffee, and my sisters are reading YES magazines. 

        On Saturday afternoon I am playing play tennis with my friends, or I go YES to the cinema. Today, I'm going to see a new English film! Sometimes I am watching watch American films on TV, but I am not understanding do not understand the words! Are you liking Do you like films?

        With best wishes,

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