The definite article (the) is used for both singular and plural nouns, so agreement is not a problem with the definite article. However, because the use of the indefinite article is different for singular and plural nouns, you must be careful of agreement between the indefinite article and the noun. One very common agreement error is to use the singular indefinite article (a or an) with a plural noun.

He saw a* new movies.
They traveled to a* nearby mountains.
Do you have another* books?

In these examples, you should not have “a” or "an” because the nouns are plural.
The following sentences are possible corrections of the sentences above.

He saw a new movie. (singular)
He saw new movies. (plural)
They traveled to a nearby mountain. (singular)
They traveled to nearby mountains. (plural)
Do you have another book? (singular)
Do you have other books? (plural)

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