Adverb clauses can express the ideas of time and cause, as you saw in Skill 7; adverb clauses can also express a number of other ideas, such as contrast, condition, manner, and place. 
Because these clauses are adverb clauses, they have the same structure as the time and cause clauses in Skill 7. Study the following examples:

I will leave at 7:00 if I am ready.
Although I was late, I managed to catch the train.

In each of these examples, there are two clauses that are correctly joined with adverb connectors. In the first sentence, the adverb condition connector if comes in the middle of the sentence. In the second sentence, the adverb contrast connector although comes at the beginning of the sentence, and a comma (,) is used in the middle of the sentence. 


You will get a good grade on the exam provided _____.
A. studying
B. Study
C. to study
D. you study

In this example, you should quickly notice the adverb condition connector “provided”. This connector comes in the middle of the sentence; because it is a connector, it must be followed by a subject and a verb. The best answer to this question is answer (D), which contains the subject and verb you study.

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